The Wellness Beacon

This is not just a design project, but a residential product design.


I was tasked to find a way to create a residential addition that could work on any residential platform that would be a market differentiator. Meaning, create a low cost, high impact item that can exist on any type of residential property; apartments, seniors housing, rehab facilities, etc… that improves the lifestyle of its occupants in a significant way.

Introducing The WELLNESS BEACON.

Using Aeroponic Tower Gardens technology we are able to grow commercial levels of produce in residential spaces. The yield from these garden enables tenants a “tower to table” dinning experience. Localism to the core. A successful garden space is a planned garden space, surrounded by hope. Rehab or senior housing need to bring hope into the daily life. The Wellness Beacon curates what’s to be grown for the rich residence culinary experience. Residents can participate in the planning, seeds, maintenance, harvesting and distribution of the yield as well as planning how to cook around a seasonal garden.

The ample amount of produce being grown also extends our Wellness Beacon to the community. Residents share the yield to those in greater need. Food banks or just those in the neighborhood benefit from Using Aeroponic Tower. That feeling for donating something you have grown from a seed that feeds so many fills the soul.


The Wellness Beacon currently has donation relationships with the LA Mission and Food Cycle LA.
Currently The Wellness Beacon is operating out of 3003 Vineyard Ave., in the West Adam district of Los Angeles.


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