Santa Monica: A Look Back to 1902 from Today | Book & Exhibit

Santa Monica: A Look Back to 1902 from Today

Published by: Arcadia Publishing
Currently on exhibit at the Santa Monica History Museum, summer 2018.


“Santa Monica: A Look Back to 1902 from Today” it is a story of place, that juxtaposes historic photography with contemporary life.


Specifically, the project is 110 locations in Santa Monica shot from the same place over 115 years apart. It’s a book born from a book called Santa Monica Fire Department, Souvenir Book of Santa Monica, 1902, that I found as a child while living in the former home of Edmond S. Gillette, the S.M. city mayor in the 1930s. I recently rediscovered the “souvenir” book, which contains 110 photographs of Santa Monica–as it looked over a century ago.


What is revealed in this objective approach to a “then and now” is what and how “we” as a culture have prioritized, from urban design, to architecture, transportation, retail spaces all the way to fashion.


I feel very fortunate Arcadia Publishing picked it up as well as by the Santa Monica History Museum as their summer exhibit.


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